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Canadian Premiere of “Real Steel”

September 20, 2011

By John C.

The Canadian premiere of Real Steel was held tonight at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre.  But more importantly, lead actor Hugh Jackman, Toronto’s own Dakota Goyo, Thunder Bay’s Kevin Durand and Montreal-born director Shawn Levy were all in attendance.  We were also invited by Disney to screen the film, and took numerous pictures as the stars walked the red carpet and gave a playfully casual introduction to the movie.

As he is Australian and those joining him on stage were all Canadian, Jackman got the crowd going by saying “ I know TIFF finished, so this is the beginning of the TCFF – the Toronto Commonwealth Film Festival.”  A few minutes later he got a cheer from the audience as he put his hand on the shoulder of his young co-star and proudly said that in his old age he will always be able to say “that I was in Dakota Goyo’s first big movie.”

In the movie, Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie, a washed up boxer who’s career has been taken over by the underground world of robot boxing.  But when he is forced to take care of his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo), they both find an unlikely champion in a discarded robot named Atom.  Shawn Levy directs with the same sort of feel good energy that he brought to previous films like Date Night and Night at the Museum, making Real Steel a fun movie with surprisingly thrilling sequences of robot boxing.  We all enjoyed it, so please come back for our full reviews on October 7th.  Below are ten pictures from the premiere, as well as two posters for the film.  Enjoy!

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  1. September 21, 2011 1:08 pm

    I was there also.. was 2nd in the RUSH line and everyone got in.. EXcellent experience & movie. Took pics of all the stars (& with some of them) and got all their autographs on my Real Steel Poster.. Dakota Goyo did an AWESOME job & almost outshines Jackman 5/5 stars my me 😀


    • September 21, 2011 3:24 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the film and got to take some pictures! I agree, Dakota Goyo was quite good in Real Steel and was able to hold his own alongside Hugh Jackman.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experience!

      -John C.


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