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Soundtrack Review: Trouble With The Curve

October 18, 2012

By Erin V.

Often scores for the quiet dramas like Trouble With The Curve are the ones that need to be gotten right.  They are best not too noticeable like those in an action movie, but rather perfectly underscoring quiet scenes between characters.

The placement of music is also important and something that can only be described as intuitive when gotten right.  The music here by Marco Beltrami fits this bill quite well.  It calls no more attention to itself then the edits between scenes, but it is just as seamless in allowing us to become invested in the story.

The CD has basic themes for both characters and locations and the tracks are easily named for those wishing to know approximately where the music was featured in the film.  Elements of the main themes are repeated throughout, but without going overboard.  Beltrami makes good use of classic instruments such as the strings, winds, and some guitar, percussion, and keyboard as well.  The guitar that often plays over the tracks really gives the score a lot of its midwest flavour that fits the style of the film.  The score was recorded by the Hollywood Studio Symphony.

What I like about the music here is how it helps to tell the story without ever becoming cloying.  Like the whole film, it is a quiet human drama and the music appropriately reflects this.  Beltrami’s score is a prime example of how dramatic doesn’t always mean loud.  The whole score is fairly even in volume, but works very well at portraying its emotional beats.  I found the music to be used very well within the film which is important, since no matter how good something sounds on the CD it is important that it services the story it was written for as well.  I quite liked it in that regard.

The score CD for Trouble With the Curve (released on October 16th to buy) features just over 42 minutes of music, which is pleasant to hear on its own and will be enjoyed by those who liked the film as well.  For easy listeners, this is a nice CD to buy, with pleasant melodies and tones.  It can be put on in the background while reading or relaxing, and be enjoyed that way, or while working since it provides something light with little distraction.  Some of the tracks are quite noticeably short (under a minute), but they all flow together nicely and the CD is very well put together in that way.

The 20th and final track on the disc is On My Way (To The Big Time), which is credited as an original song by Randy Brown (screenwriter), performed by The Neighbors with Greg Camp.  This piece plays over the end credits to the film.

The insert to the CD includes images from the film, as well as track listings and credits for those who worked on the CD, both in the orchestra and producing.


The soundtrack for Trouble With The Curve was released by Varesé Sarabande on October 16th, 2012.

The soundtrack has 20 tracks and runs for 42 minutes, 31 seconds.  The CD features original score tracks composed by Marco Beltrami, as well as one original song by Randy Brown and performed by The Neighbors with Greg Camp.

You can read our full theatrical reviews of the film here.

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