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Blu-ray Release: Titanic (1953)

January 15, 2013

Titanic Blu-ray CoverToday, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is releasing a new Blu-ray edition of the 1953 classic Titanic.  Directed by Jean Negulesco and picking up an Oscar for Best Screenplay, the film stars Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb as a bickering couple who are forced to rethink the relationships they have with their daughter (Audrey Dalton) and son (Harper Carter) as well as the other passengers, when the ship hits an iceberg.

With special effects that still hold up and a believable cast of characters brought to life through excellent performances, this 1953 version of Titanic is a moving and beautifully made film, right through to the heartbreakingly quiet final few scenes.  Providing a strong companion piece to the 1958 film A Night to Remember and James Cameron’s breathtaking 1997 classic of the same name, this Blu-ray release is highly recommended.

The Blu-ray includes two commentary tracks, the first with film critic Richard Schickel and the second including actors Audrey Dalton and Robert Wagner.  Also included is a featurette with historian Sylvia Stoddard and archival footage of the premiere.

Titanic is 98 minutes and rated PG.

-John C.

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