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New This Week (02/24/2023): Cocaine Bear, We Have a Ghost, & More!

February 24, 2023

By John Corrado

New releases for the week of February 24th, 2023.

Theatrical Releases:

Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear (Wide Release): This is the directorial debut of Elizabeth Banks and, from what I’ve heard, Cocaine Bear delivers exactly what you expect from the title; a bear gets hooked on coke, goes on a rampage, and kills some people. And I’ve heard it’s pretty fun in a cheesy sort of way. I’ll get around to seeing it at some point.

Guitar Lessons (Limited Release): Shot on a tight budget in Alberta, this small Canadian drama from writer-director Aaron James stars Corb Lund in his first leading role as a former musician turned ornery oilfield worker who is befriended by a 15-year-old Métis boy (Kaden Noskiye), who wants him to teach him how to play guitar. While it’s an uneven effort overall, this flawed but well-intentioned film finds its footing in the last act with a series of nicely delivered dialogue-driven scenes. (Full Review)

More Releases: Emily (Limited), Jesus Revolution (Limited), Juniper (Limited), Luther: The Fallen Sun (Limited), Katak, the Brave Beluga (Limited), Metronom (TIFF Bell Lightbox), Pacifiction (TIFF Bell Lightbox)

Streaming Releases:

We Have a Ghost (Netflix): David Harbour (of Stranger Things fame) plays a ghost living in an attic who is discovered by the new family that moves into his house, in this latest movie from writer-director Christopher Landon, who did Freaky and Happy Death Day. I enjoyed those, so I’m looking forward to checking this one out over the weekend. (Full Review)

More Releases: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (Prime Video), Die Hart (Prime Video), Bruiser (Disney+), Margaux (Paramount+)

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