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Soundtrack Review: Tangled

November 17, 2010

By Erin V.


Although some have said that the music from Tangled is not as memorable as some other Disney films, to me it fits the film perfectly and upon further listening has a real charm to it.  Seeing how it’s already November, this is one soundtrack that should be a big seller as a gift for Christmas morning.


With a charming mix of several new songs and score tracks, this is a lot of fun to listen to.  The four main songs in the film are When Will My Life Begin?, Mother Knows Best, I’ve Got a Dream, and my personal favourite, I See The Light.  These are the pieces used throughout the film to tell the story – and sung by the voice cast.  There are various reprises of When Will My Life Begin?, and Mother Knows Best throughout the soundtrack – they aren’t just remixes, but rather, like further verses to the songs, evolving over the course of the story.  Splitting them up makes sense here.  The last song on the CD (Something That I Want) is – and sounds very much like a – over-the-credits pop song.


The first song composer Alan Menken wrote for the film, was the Healing Incantation which is integral and sung throughout the film by Mandy Moore, the voice of Rapunzel. This piece sort of sets the musical style for the rest of the soundtrack.


Mother Knows Best is wonderfully theatrical, When Will My Life Begin? is light and youthful, and I’ve Got a Dream is just silly fun.  But specifically focusing on I See The Light, this is the one that I would love to see nominated at the Academy Awards.  It has a very classic romantic feel to it, very lyrical and pretty, coming at a turning point in the film.  I highly anticipate the sheet music, sure to be released in the coming little while for the film, like has been done for films like this in the past.  What I do hope though, is that some of the scores are included in a music book, since they – although often less publicized than the songs – are an integral part of the film and in the case of Tangled a lot of fun to listen to.


Speaking of the scores, there is a nice progression of the music from the beginning of the film to the end, as the story moves along.  Kingdom Dance is an especially bright and fun piece – I love the celtic feel here, and would love music for this one.  The rest of the scores range from quiet, contemplative pieces, and exciting, upbeat pieces.  Especially in the last few pieces from the climax of the film, the themes from earlier songs and score pieces come through in the instrumentals.  The main score track from the end, (for spoilers, I won’t name it, but it’s the 7 min. one on the CD), plays a bit like a suite in it’s theme transfers.  Although quite orchestral, at times, it is guitar and piano that often take over the themes.  Overall, the whole score has a very classic, yet at times contemporary feel to it.


Personally, for me, how much I enjoy a film’s score, sets how high I will rate a film.  The music, even if subconsciously while we watch, truly does set the tone of the film, and a good score coupled with a well told story and stunning visuals makes for one to see in my book.  That is the case with Tangled.  Once it opens, go see the film and buy the CD – this soundtrack is one of my top 10 favourites of the year so far, I’d say.  It’s a really good mix.


The Tangled soundtrack was released on iTunes and in stores November 16th.  Our reviews of the film will be up next Wed., Nov. 24th, along with related book reviews.


The Tangled soundtrack runs for 55 minutes, 39 seconds.  The original score is composed by Alan Menken and the songs are composed by Alan Menken, with lyrics by Glenn Slater.

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