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No New Reviews Today…

September 2, 2011

For the first time in quite some time, a Friday has come and gone without a new review.  But seeing as it’s the first weekend of September, it seems the studios are merely using it as an opportunity to clear out the handful of films that couldn’t compete with the all of the summer blockbusters.  It should be noted that the two biggest releases of the weekend, the underwater horror film Shark Night 3D and the “found footage” thriller Apollo 18, weren’t even screened for press in advance of release.

None the less, it’s a long weekend here in Canada and across the border, and after a long summer season sometimes we all need a little break.  We will jump back into the thick of reviewing new releases with our thoughts on the boxing drama Warrior next Friday, which audiences can preview in advance with special screenings this coming Sunday.  Until next week, please take note of our special header featuring eight of our most anticipated films of the upcoming fall season.

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!

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