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Book Review: The Film Book – A Complete Guide to the World of Cinema

December 15, 2011

Released November 15th, 2011

Page count: 352 pages

Size: 7 1/2” x 9 3/4”

The Film Book – A Complete Guide to the World of Cinema

By Ronald Bergan

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Gift Idea

(This review is part a series of books/DVD’s that will be profiled as gift ideas over the next month.  All will be marked with the green/red ‘Gift Idea’ tag.)


The Film Book: A Complete Guide to the World of Cinema Book Review by Erin V.  

The book opens with a 60 page overview on the history of cinema, organized by decade from the early years to present.  With only a few pages per decade, a surprising amount of information is presented without overwhelming the reader.  After this base of film knowledge is given, we move on to the next section, ‘How Movies Are Made.’  Again, this 15 page section covers a basis on everything in the production process, from pre-production, to the release of the film – including the role of the film critic.

Next up is a section about movie genres, followed by one on world film which profiles a few films from various countries, an A-Z of (a selection of) directors, then to finish the book off, we get a list of top 100 movies as chosen by the author.

Each section of the book is colour-coded in the top right-hand corner for easy access to find your place in the book.  With many films released this year reminding us of the history of cinema (Hugo, My Week With Marilyn, The Artist), I found it fun to be able to read about the actual events/times that those films take place in.  For any film lover on your Christmas list, this is a great gift, packaged quite nicely in a metal tin that is reminiscent of a film canister.


To find out more about The Film Book, or other books, visit Dorling Kindersley’s website hereThe Film Book is available in stores now. 

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