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Book Review: The Art & Making of Arthur Christmas

December 22, 2011

Released November 29th, 2011

Page count: 160 pages

Size: 9.25” x 10”

The Art & Making of Arthur Christmas – An Inside Look at Behind-The-Scenes Artwork with Filmmaker Commentary

By Aardman Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Inc.

Published by Newmarket Press for ItBooks – an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Gift Idea

(This review is part a series of books/DVD’s that will be profiled as gift ideas over the next month.  All will be marked with the green/red ‘Gift Idea’ tag.)


The Art & Making of Arthur Christmas Book Review by Erin V.  

We reviewed and loved Arthur Christmas last month and if you haven’t seen it already, I’d highly recommend giving it a look.  Now as soon as I saw the film I searched around for one of the art books that are often released to coincide with (particularly animated) films, and this was the one out currently.

This is not a strict art book, but rather more of a tie-in, so if you are looking for page after full page spread of concept art and sketches, you should know that while there is some of that here, there’s not a ton.  Nor is the text written by one author telling the story of the production.  Mostly what this book is, is a selection of artwork with – as the title suggests – filmmaker commentary.  The text and images seem to compliment each other well though.  Inside, each page has several paragraphs, written and signed off by different members of the team that brought this wonderful film to screen, with many written by the director Sarah Smith, but also others by character designers, etc.

After seeing the film, I found myself smiling as I went through the book, remembering scenes and learning a bit about some previous ideas and how the look of the film was developed.  Especially around Christmastime, this is a fun coffee table book to have lying around – and it definitely would make a great gift that would make someone happy.


To find out more about The Art & Making of Arthur Christmas, or other books, visit Harper Collins’s website here.  The book is available in stores now.  

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