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DVD Release: TCM Greatest Classic Legends Collection – Katherine Hepburn

March 27, 2012

For fans of classic films, and in particular the works of Katherine Hepburn, this set is worth adding to your collection.  All four DVDs are in a single case.  It is worth a note that the way they are stacked, makes it appear when the case is first open that there is only one DVD inside, but upon removing the top one, the others are found behind.  This disc was released by Warner Home Entertainment on March 13th, 2012.

The collection includes:

Morning Glory (1933) – 74 minutes – G

Little Women (1933) – 115 minutes – G

Stage Door (1937) – 91 minutes – PG

The Philadelphia Story (1940) – 112 minutes – PG

All films are B & W, and are presented in standard (not widescreen), preserving the original aspect ratio of their theatrical exhibitions.  The full set has been rated PG in Canada.  The films are not rated in the USA.

– Erin V.

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