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Canadian Premiere of “The Avengers”

April 30, 2012

The Canadian premiere of The Avengers was held at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre this evening, with the always cool Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Vancouver’s own Cobie Smulders (Agent Maria Hill) in attendance.  We were invited by Disney to screen the awesome blockbuster and managed to take several pictures as the stars walked the red carpet, before they came on stage with film critic Richard Crouse to introduce the screening.  The limited edition 3D glasses were a nice touch.

Filled with excellent performances, breathtaking action sequences and a script that shines alongside the visuals, The Avengers is a thrilling and smartly made comic book movie that provides awesome entertainment of the highest order.  Below are six pictures of Mark Ruffalo and Cobie Smulders on the red carpet at the Toronto premiere and our full reviews of The Avengers will be coming this Friday, May 4th.  Enjoy!

-John C.

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