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Book Review: The Art of Brave

June 21, 2012

Released May 15th, 2012

Page count: 160 pages

Size: 11.5” x 9.5”

The Art of Brave

By Jenny Lerew

Foreword by Brenda Chapman

Published by Chronicle Books

Distributed by Raincoast (Canada)


The Art of Brave Book Review By Erin V.

If there is one thing that can’t be argued about Disney•Pixar’s newest film Brave, it is that it is a stunning feast for the eyes with its gorgeous landscapes and fluid animation.  While the previous ‘art of’ books have frequently profiled more along the lines of story and development, The Art of Brave chooses to focus almost solely on the art side of things – in particular, the landscapes and textures of Scotland that were incorporated into the film.

Alongside the pictures, the text in the book describes, (among other things), how they got the feel of nature to balance out with the more characatured look of the film’s main characters, the challenges of animating natural landscapes, as well as having an animated cast of people and animals to work with.  The book is divided into several sections and chapters.

As I mentioned before, the whole thing really does seem a little lighter on information about all aspects of the production than previous ‘art of’ books, but it is an art book first and foremost after all.  And as always, those interested in art and animation will love going through and seeing the concept art presented within – I know I did.  There are also colour scripts, several full scene storyboards, and a look at the development of characters.

Overall, The Art of Brave is worth adding to a collection of ‘art of’ books and can be flipped open and perused through again and again.


To find out more about the The Art of Brave, or other books, visit Raincoast’s website here.  

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