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Blu-ray 3D Release: Dial M For Murder 3D

November 20, 2012

Last month, Warner Home Entertainment released Dial M for Murder onto 3D Blu-ray.  While the disc of Hitchcock’s brilliant film has a 2D version of the film as well, it is worth checking it out in 3D.

Interestingly enough, Dial M for Murder was shot in 3D for a dual projector system back in 1954, the only Hitchcock film to have done so.  Surprising if you take note that out of his films this is one that takes place almost entirely within one location and is very dialogue driven, it’s not what you’d think of as 3D-fair by today’s standards.  But you see the carefully framed shots, often with such touches as a row of bottles framed in the foreground in order to empathize the depth, and while the 3D may seem more extreme in contrast than we are used to now, once you get used to it it provides an interesting touch almost like that of looking in on a stage play.

Even with every detail on display, this film – now 58 years old – still holds up amazingly well with twists and turns that will leave you more engaged than many more ‘action-packed’ mysteries nowadays.  And especially with the film Hitchcock coming out this Friday, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up and revisit one of the director’s masterpieces.

The 3D Blu-ray contains the following special features:

• Documentary Hitchcock and Dial M

• Theatrical Trailer

(Suppléments en anglais seulement)

Dial M for Murder is 105 minutes and is rated PG.  Whether as a gift or for yourself, this is one worth picking up.

– Erin V.

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