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Book Review: Shakespeare for Screenwriters – Timeless Writing Tips from the Master of Drama

August 1, 2013

Shakespeare-for-Screenwrite_largeReleased August 1st, 2013

Page count: 139 pages

Size: 6” x 9”

Shakespeare for Screenwriter: Timeless Writing Tips from the Master of Drama

by J. M. Evenson

Published By Michael Wiese Productions


Shakespeare for Screenwriters: Timeless Writing Tips from the Master of Drama Review By Erin V.

Providing something different, Shakespeare for Screenwriters by J. M. Evenson is a look at 14 of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and how they influence the nature of storytelling for screen.

Each chapter in Part 1 of the book, profiles a single one of these plays and gives us an overview of the story and how similarities have been used in modern works.  Part 2 discusses some of Shakespeare’s most famous heroes and villains and why they are now timeless examples, while Part 3 takes a quick look at where Shakespeare’s inspiration came from and what that means to us as writers today.

All in all this book makes for a quick and good read, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


To find out more about Shakespeare for Screenwriters, or other books, visit MWP’s website here.  

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