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DVD/Blu-ray Release: After Earth

October 8, 2013

After Earth DVD CoverToday, Sony Pictures is releasing director M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth on DVD & Blu-ray.  When Cypher (Will Smith) and his son Kitai (Jaden Smith) crash land on an abandoned and devastated future Earth, it’s up to the young teenager to venture away from his injured father and signal for help.  But everything on the planet has evolved to attack, and he must learn to control his fear in order to save his father and get back safely.

Released on May 31st, After Earth was a critical and commercial flop, as the mediocre science fiction film is often predictable and doesn’t really live up to the somewhat intriguing premise.  But Will and Jaden Smith clearly mean well with the environmental messages of the story, and families with older kids who rent After Earth might still get some harmless entertainment and mild suspense out of the experience.

The DVD includes three featurettes, as well as the winning video for the XPrize After Earth Challenge.

After Earth is 100 minutes and rated PG.

-John C.

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