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DVD/Blu-ray Release: The Lone Ranger

December 17, 2013

The Lone Ranger Blu-ray CoverToday, Disney Home Entertainment is releasing this summer’s underrated western The Lone Ranger on Blu-ray & DVD, just in time for the gift giving season.  The story begins in 1933, as an elderly Tonto (Johnny Depp) is recounting the events of close to sixty years earlier, when he first teamed up with his masked partner in justice, John Reid (Armie Hammer).

Director Gore Verbinski pulls off several sequences that are genuinely exciting, delivering a well crafted western that stages every set piece with an exhilarating sense of style and scope, making full use of the cinematic landscape.  Although the critical reaction to The Lone Ranger has been very mixed, I’m definitely a fan and you can read my full thoughts on the film right here.  This is the very definition of a fun popcorn movie, providing one heck of an entertaining ride for teens and adults.

The Blu-ray includes a blooper reel and deleted scene, as well as three featurettes on the preparation that the actors went through and a behind the scenes look at filming the epic train sequence that closes the film.

The Lone Ranger is 149 minutes and rated PG.

-John C.

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