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Blu-ray Review: Mean Girls (SteelBook Edition)

September 27, 2022

By John Corrado

Paramount is releasing a new edition of the 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls on Blu-ray today. Dubbed the “So Fetch! Limited Edition,” this new release features SteelBook packaging tied to the film.

With a screenplay by Tina Fey, the film itself is a wicked sharp satire of high school politics that unfolds around the formerly home-schooled outsider Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) who infiltrates “The Plastics,” a mean girl clique led by the popular Regina George (Rachel McAdams).

The dark pink SteelBook package is designed to look like the infamous “Burn Book” seen in the film, complete with pencil scribblings and lipstick marks on the back. On the inside panels are a series of photos and quotes from the film, reminding us of several iconic moments.

As I said to in my review of the standard edition Blu-ray that was put out in honour of the film’s 15th anniversary a few years ago, Mean Girls is nothing short of a modern classic, that has had an indelible impact on pop culture. While some new bonus material would have been nice, this SteelBook functions as both a cool set for Mean Girls fans and physical media collectors alike. It’s also conveniently timed to coincide with the Toronto production of Mean Girls the Musical opening next month.

Bonus Features (Blu-ray):

The bonus features remain the same as on previous releases, including a commentary track and several archival featurettes. A code for a digital copy is also included in the package.

Commentary by Director Mark Waters, Screenwriter & Actress Tina Fey and Producer Lorne Michaels

Featurettes (Play All – 45 minutes, 52 seconds)

Only the Strong Survive (24 minutes, 52 seconds)

The Politics of Girl World (10 minutes, 33 seconds)

Plastic Fashion (10 minutes, 25 seconds)

Word Vomit – Blooper Reel (5 minutes, 44 seconds)

So Fetch – Deleted Scenes (Play All – 7 minutes, 1 second): Presented with optional commentary by Fey and Waters.

Damian Rigs Table (32 seconds)

112, Excellent! (1 minute, 12 seconds)

Mom’s Underwear (40 seconds)

Shoe Shopping (29 seconds)

Tonight I’ll Like It (21 seconds)

Eaten by Cannibals (45 seconds)

Regina in Bed (49 seconds)

Norbury’s Car Explodes (32 seconds)

Cady and Regina in the Bathroom (1 minute, 37 seconds)

Interstitials (Play All – 1 minute, 39 seconds)

Frenemies (33 seconds)

New Girl (33 seconds)

PSA (33 seconds)

Theatrical Trailer (2 minutes, 35 seconds)

Mean Girls (SteelBook Edition) is a Paramount Home Entertainment release. It’s 96 minutes and rated PG.

Street Date: September 27th, 2022

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