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4K Ultra HD Review: The Godfather Part II (SteelBook Edition)

October 11, 2022

By John Corrado

Following the release of The Godfather Trilogy in 4K Ultra HD earlier this year, Paramount is now releasing standalone editions of Francis Ford Coppola’s three films in 4K, with both regular and SteelBook packaging.

Coppola’s operatic 1974 sequel is widely heralded as one of the greatest ever made, serving as both a continuation of Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino) rise to power within his mafia family, as well as a prequel showing the early life of his father Vito (played by Robert De Niro), as he rises through the ranks as an Italian immigrant in New York City. A key part is also the relationship between Michael and his older brother Fredo (John Cazale, delivering one of the finest performances in the series).

Designed to match the SteelBook of the first film, the shiny black case features a digital oil painting-style portrait of De Niro on the front, and the quote “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” on the back. Like the first one, we get overlaid images of moments from the film on the inside panels, tinted in blue.

As with the standalone edition of The Godfather, this is the same 4K remaster overseen by Coppola that was included in the trilogy box set (you can read more about the restoration here), and the film looks absolutely incredible. Though lacking in bonus features (save for a commentary track), this is an attractive standalone edition of what is undoubtedly one of the best sequels and really best movies of all time.

Bonus Features (4K Ultra HD):

The 4K disc includes a previously released commentary track by Coppola. A code for a digital copy is also included in the package.

Commentary by Francis Ford Coppola

The Godfather Part II is a Paramount Home Entertainment release. It’s 200 minutes and rated 14A.

Street Date: October 11th, 2022

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