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Blu-ray Release: WWII in HD

January 26, 2010

Compiled from over three thousand hours of colour footage, this documentary series, made for The History Channel, gives a unique and fascinating look into to what it would have been like to actually live through the war.

Though it was illegal for U.S. soldiers to carry diaries, many of them still wrote down their experiences. The filmmakers used these written records, as well as on location, around the world full-colour footage to create this series to be as close as possible to what it was like for the twelve American soldiers that it follows.

There have been many excellent films made about the war, but this is one of the first times you can get a real, and shocking look at what it may have actually been like to serve in those battles.  Through the use of this documentary series we can remember the many men who gave up their lives to fight these battles, and experience the Second World War as we never have before.

The two-disc Blu-Ray set, WWII in HD, is distributed by E1 Films.

-John C.

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