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Cars 2 trailer to play before Tangled

November 13, 2010

This morning I attended an advance screening of Disney’s Tangled, and was delighted to see a brand-new trailer for next year’s Pixar film, Cars 2, before the presentation.  Much longer in length than the brief teaser we got last month, the trailer introduces us to some of the new characters, and shows actual footage from the film.  It also does a good job of introducing us to the plot, which has Lightning McQueen and Mater going on the international racing circuit, only to be mistaken for secret agents.


Whether or not it will play in the same emotional vein as some of the studio’s other beloved films is yet to be seen, but with amusing riffs on airport security, an Aston Martin in a James Bond type role, and moments of inspired Pixar humour, the upcoming sequel looks to be a real crowd-pleaser.  It opens on June 24th of next year.


Tangled is the 50th animated film from Walt Disney Studios, and I’m pleased to report that it is heartwarming, hugely entertaining, and will play well with the majority of audiences.  In other words, this is classic-Disney through and through.  Look for our reviews on November 24th.


(UPDATE – Nov. 16th)  That was fast!  The awesome trailer for Pixar’s 12th feature can now be watched online in all it’s HD glory right here on Yahoo! Movies.


-John C.

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