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Blu-ray Release: The Tigger Movie

August 28, 2012

Along with The Aristocats, Disney Home Entertainment also released The Tigger Movie for the the first time on Blu-ray last week.  First released in 2000, the film follows Tigger as he travels through the Hundred Acre Wood to try and find the rest of his family tree.  When the bouncy tiger feels all alone, Winnie the Pooh and all of their friends help him realize that family is ultimately what you make of it.

As I also noted about The Aristocats, Disney movies are always beautiful to watch on Blu-ray and the high definition transfer of this charming film is no exception.  With a nice message about family and plenty of good songs from the great Robert and Richard Sherman, The Tigger Movie is the perfect excuse to spend time with A.A. Milne’s beloved characters, including the adorable titular tiger.

The Blu-ray includes ten Winnie the Pooh short films, a music video with Kenny Loggins and a featurette with the animators.  Also included in the package is a family tree activity kit complete with stickers.

The Tigger Movie is 77 minutes and rated G.

-John C.

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