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Blu-ray Release: Sex Tape

October 21, 2014

Sex Tape Blu-ray

Today, Sony Pictures is releasing this summer’s Sex Tape on Blu-ray.  Disappointed with their love life post kids, mommy blogger Annie (Cameron Diaz) and her husband Jay (Jason Segel) make a sex tape.  But when the video gets synced to the iPads they gave out as gifts, which are now in the hands of their friends (Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper) as well as her boss (Rob Lowe) and the mailman of all people, they go on a mad search to retrieve them.

Directed by Jake Kasden, reuniting with the stars of his pretty good previous film Bad Teacher, Sex Tape feels desperate and should have been a whole lot funnier.  The premise is quite stupid and doesn’t make sense, and the characters are more off putting than appealing, making so many lapses in common judgement that it’s hard to care about their whiny rich people problems.

Despite the best efforts of the usually likeable leads, this is a very disappointing and sadly laughless comedy, but with the relatively harmless feel of a lowbrow sitcom, Sex Tape might just find a more forgiving audience at home.

The Blu-ray includes bloopers, deleted and extended scenes, as well as several featurettes.

Sex Tape is 94 minutes and rated 14A.

-John Corrado

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