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Christmas Gift Ideas – Three books for the Disney fans on your list…

December 21, 2015

Every year, I like to profile a few film-related books as suggested gifts for Christmas.

These three from Dorling Kindersley can all be found in most book stores, so are easy to pick up last minute.  For Disney & Pixar fans on your list, these are all sure to be a hit!

– Erin Corrado

 Inside Out The Essential Guide-Book Image-DK PublishingInside Out: The Essential Guide

Earlier this year, Pixar released the charming film Inside Out, where we were taken into the mind of 11-year-old Riley and experienced her world through her emotions.  The Essential Guide takes us once more into this world as we get to explore in more depth the inner workings of Riley’s mind.  With pages about the five emotions (characters), to long-term memory, and dream production, this book is a great companion gift to the film.

64 Pages; Published by Dorling Kindersley – for more, see here.  

The Good Dinosaur: The Essential GuideThe Good Dinosaur The Essential Guide-Book Image-DK Publishing

Like the guide for Inside Out, this book goes through the characters and world of Pixar’s second release of this year – The Good Dinosaur.  Taking us into an imagining of what our world would have been like had the astroid that destroyed the dinosaurs bypassed Earth, The Good Dinosaur is a film with gorgeous animated backdrops, that pop off the pages here.  A great gift for those who loved the film and want to revisit it.

64 Pages; Published by Dorling Kindersley – for more, see here.  

The Disney Book by Jim Fanning

The Disney Book-Book Image-DK PublishingFrom the early days of the studio to present, animation to live-action, and talking about everything from the theme parks, props, merchandise, and behind-the-scenes production facts, this book is a must-have for any Disney fan.  At 200 pages, the book provides the perfect balance between visuals and text, making for an informative and fun look at the history of Disney.  And on top of all that, the book includes an original 35mm filmstrip from Disney•Pixar’s Brave, tucked into an envelope inside the front cover.  A very neat touch, and a great keepsake for film buffs.  For the slightly older Disney fans on your list, The Disney Book is a great choice.

200 Pages; Published by Dorling Kindersley – for more, see here.  

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