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Blu-ray Review: Spectre

February 9, 2016

By John Corrado

★★½ (out of 4)

Spectre Blu-rayThis week, MGM is releasing Spectre on Blu-ray, the 24th James Bond movie.  With a new head of security (Andrew Scott) threatening to enact overreaching government surveillance measures that would reduce the need for field agents, James Bond (Daniel Craig) goes rogue to track down a mysterious supervillian (Christoph Waltz) who is responsible for a series of international crimes.

Daniel Craig remains committed to the role, and director Sam Mendes starts the film off on the right note with a vibrant set piece staged during the Mexican Day of the Dead parade.  But Spectre is weighed down by several needless plot twists that strain to connect everything into a much larger multiverse, and the last act feels unfocused, not quite coming together in the end.

The film is still entertaining enough to watch, and there are some solid action sequences throughout, but Spectre ultimately lacks the grit of Casino Royale or the grace of Skyfall, the plot of which it directly follows, making this arguably Daniel Craig’s weakest outing as 007.  It’s still pretty good, and worth seeing for fans, but not great like its predecessor.  Even Sam Smith’s Oscar-nominated song “Writing’s On The Wall” is pretty underwhelming, especially when compared to Adele’s magnificent “Skyfall.”

The Blu-ray also includes an extended featurette on the opening sequence, and several video blogs.

Spectre is 148 minutes and rated PG.

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