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Blu-ray Review: Cars 3

November 7, 2017

By John Corrado

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is forced to confront the end of his racing career following a terrifying crash in Cars 3.  Wanting to go out as a champion, but realizing that he is struggling to keep up in a world of newer racers, Lightning teams up with a perky young trainer named Cruz Ramírez (Christela Alonzo), who is assigned to help him to get back up to top speeds, but the best shot he has for a comeback actually requires him to go back to his roots.

As a fan of this series, Cars 3 provides a nice close to the Pixar trilogy, using the narrative of a classic comeback tale to offer a briskly entertaining and also poignant story about mentorship and crafting your legacy.  I liked this one a lot, and you can read our three views of the film right here.

The Blu-ray comes with a solid selection of bonus features, spread over two discs.  The first disc includes commentary track by director Brian Fee, producer Kevin Reher, co-producer Andrea Warren and creative director Jay Ward, as well as the theatrically released short film Lou, and the brief new short Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool, which plays as an amusing parody of a motivational commercial.  There are also the two featurettes Ready for the Race, showing a day in the life of young race car driver William Byron as he talks about the accuracy in the film’s depiction of racing, and Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car That Could, which offers a nice exploration of what went into writing, designing and voicing the standout new character.

First up on the second disc are five behind the scenes featurettes – Generations: The Story of Cars 3 is a general look at the themes of the film and the challenges that come with crafting a sequel; Let’s. Get. Crazy. delves into the film’s demolition derby sequence and the unique challenges of animating mud; Cars to Die(cast) For is a great look at the hundreds of die cast toy cars that have been inspired by the film; Legendary offers an exploration of the history of racing and how they wove this into the film; and World’s Fastest Billboard focuses on the amount of detail that went into the fake logos and ads that are seen in the background of the film.

The disc also houses a good amount of deleted scenes that have optional introductions by the director, a trio of short animated pieces featuring voice actress Kerry Washington and two of the animators talking about their first cars, as well as fly throughs of three of the film’s stunningly animated backdrops, and a selection of trailers and promos for the film.  As usual, this is another really solid Blu-ray release from Pixar, and a worthwhile set for fans to add to their collections.

Cars 3 is a Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment release.  It’s 103 minutes and rated G.

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