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Blu-ray Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

February 26, 2019

By John Corrado

Disney’s long-awaited Ralph Breaks the Internet is arriving on Blu-ray today, fresh off of being up for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. The film is set six years after the events of its 2012 predecessor Wreck-It Ralph, and finds Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Venellope (Sarah Silverman) finding their way into the online world.

While I think there are problems with some of the directions that the story goes in, Ralph Breaks the Internet is still an entertaining and at times heartfelt sequel. The film features some really fun sequences along the way, including a much-promoted cameo from the Disney Princesses. For more on the film itself, you can read my full review right here.

The Blu-ray also includes a decent selection of bonus features, starting with the featurettes Surfing for Easter Eggs, which offers a fast paced overview of some of the film’s many hidden references to other Disney properties; and The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet, which focuses on Henry Jackman’s music, mixing a classic orchestral score with some more modern elements.

The short piece BuzzzTube Cats offers a compilation of animated cat videos that the animators created early on in the process, as examples of what’s on the internet. They actually showed some of these during producer Clark Spencer’s presentation at Fan Expo, where they got a great reaction from the crowd, so I’m glad they’re included here. Next is How We Broke the Internet, a ten-part feature broken up into the chapters Introduction; Netizens, Net Users; Knowsmore; eBay; Older Net; Slaughter Race; BuzzzTube; Ohmydisney; Ralphzilla; and The Goodbye. These featurettes are viewable separately or together, and they offer a good overview of different aspects of the film and production process.

The disc also includes the five deleted scenes Into the Internet, Opposites, Domestic Hell, Bubble of One, and Recruiting Grandma, which are all preceded by short introductions from co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. Presented in storyboard form, save for the last one which is almost fully animated, these scenes actually feature some interesting ideas and characters moments, and give us more insight into how the story developed over time. I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing some of these deleted moments in the finished film.

Finally, we get the music videos for “Zero” by Imagine Dragons and “In This Place” by Julia Michaels, featuring a pop version of the original song that Alan Menken wrote for the film.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment release. It’s 112 minutes and rated G.

Street Date: February 26th, 2019

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