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DVD Review: The Bounty Hunter

July 13, 2010

The Bounty Hunter – A Sony Pictures’ Release

DVD Release Date: July 13th, 2010

Rated PG for coarse language

Running time: 111 minutes

Andy Tennant (dir.)

Sarah Thorp (writer)

George Fenton (music)

Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd

Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley

Gio Perez as Uncle Sam

Joel Garland as Dwight

Our reviews below:


The Bounty Hunter DVD Review By John C.

*1/2 (out of 4)

After their divorce, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston), continues to chase stories as a reporter.  Her ex, Milo (Gerard Butler), has become a bounty hunter.  When Nicole doesn’t show for traffic court, it’s up to Milo to get her back.  They end up on the road together, and start to wonder why they ever split up, as they find themselves in the middle of an underground crime ring.

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, both fine actors when cast in good movies, have no chemistry together, and a quiet romantic scene between them plays like a blind date setup for cardboard cutouts.  There are some amusing one-liners, but it’s as if the writers don’t actually know what makes something funny.  The first few minutes feature tasteless jokes about suicide, and there is a running-gag featuring a creepy stalker.  The action scenes feel slapped on, as if an afterthought, each one less suspenseful or amusing than the last.

At the best of times, The Bounty Hunter is mild entertainment of the lowbrow sitcom variety.  But at the worst of times, it is painfully unfunny and actually rather boring.  Clocking in at just under 2 hours, The Bounty Hunter is a good half-hour too long, and even an edited version would have barely sustained itself.

The DVD includes three making-of featurettes.


The Bounty Hunter DVD Review By Erin V.

**1/4 (out of 4)

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is a bounty hunter.  When he’s assigned to track down his ex-wife Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston) for jumping traffic court, he’s more than happy to take the job.  Meanwhile, she is investigating a murder case as a reporter and is desperate to get away from him to complete her assignment.  As the movie goes on, he’s chasing her, loan sharks are chasing him, and the people who don’t want them to figure out the murder case are also on their tail.  What are the odds two separated people are going to fall back in love through all that?  In the movie world, pretty likely.

The Bounty Hunter was entertaining enough while watching it, but nothing really overly memorable.  I’ve seen a lot better, and a whole lot worse.  This is just a silly, over the top, action-romcom.  The bottom line is, it’s not painful to watch, and is the kind of thing that if you like the leads, you might rent for a rainy afternoon.


The Bounty Hunter DVD Review By Nicole

**1/2 (out of 4)

The Bounty Hunter is a mildly entertaining romantic action comedy.  Milo Boyd is a former cop-turned bounty hunter, who is called to track down his ex-wife, a reporter named Nicole Hurley who has jumped bail for a minor offense.  But when Hurley investigates a mysterious death, she and Boyd find themselves in danger.  Can they solve the case and escape the bad guys?  During their ordeal, they find themselves drawn back to each other.

Unlike some of the other romantic action comedies, The Bounty Hunter lacks a lot of the clever humour seen in Date Night or Knight and Day.  Some of the humour in The Bounty Hunter is actually mildly annoying.  But The Bounty Hunter contains little violence, not much by the way of objectionable material, a clever mystery story, and a nice message about forgiveness.  The Bounty Hunter is a harmless movie, that is worth renting on a rainy day.


The Bounty Hunter DVD Review By Maureen

** (out of 4)

As far as romantic-action-comedies go The Bounty Hunter is very middle of the road.  That’s where the two main characters find themselves, on the road, on the run from bad guys and eventually working together to solve a crime.

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is an ex-cop working as a bounty hunter.  his ex-wife, Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is a journalist investigating a possible murder.  When she misses a court date she ends up being named as a bail-jumper and her ex-husband’s latest huntee.  It doesn’t take long for Boyd to find his ex-wife and transport her back for his $5000 reward.  En-route the pair find out they still get under each other’s skin and to top it off they get mixed up with dirty cops, gambling loan sharks and drug dealers.  The trip home includes plenty of car chases and shoot-outs.

The action is mildly entertaining and there are some funny moments between the two.  However the spark between the two never really seems to ignite.  The ending is sweet but at 111 minutes The Bounty Hunter goes on too long.

Fans of Jennifer Aniston or Gerard Butler may want to check this one out.  While not as good as some other recent romantic-action-comedies is has enough going for it to make The Bounty Hunter an okay summer rental.


The Bounty Hunter DVD Review By Tony

** (out of 4)

The title character of The Bounty Hunter is Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), an ex-NYPD cop and ex-husband of Nicole (Jennifer Anniston), a newspaper crime reporter.  When she jumps bail to chase down a tip, Milo picks her up for the bounty but they both get caught up in the dirty cop story she was investigating, while Milo is also being pursued by loan shark enforcers for gambling debts.

Over almost two hours, they run into a number of minor characters, all mildly amusing, as their relationship is rekindled.  It adds up to pretty conventional fare of decent TV series quality, with a cast to match.


Consensus: The Bounty Hunter is sometimes mildly entertaining, but it’s ultimately just an overlong and unoriginal romantic-action-comedy. ** (Out of 4)

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