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Book Review: Cars 2 – The Essential Guide

June 23, 2011

Released May 24th, 2011

Page count: 48 pages

Size: 8.25” x 5.25”

Cars 2 – The Essential Guide

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Written by Steve Bynghall


Cars 2 The Essential Guide Book Review By Erin V.

With the new Cars 2 keeping in true Pixar form of creating films that provide humour, heart, and entertainment, after viewing the film, who wouldn’t want to relive the film and find out more about the characters?

With character details and stats, (as well as a few plot points), Cars 2: The Essential Guide lets us really appreciate the simple artistry of the designs within the film – something that’s hard to do when everything is just moving quickly across the screen.  Pixar reminds us just how much animation is an amazing art form for telling stories.

For Pixar and Cars fans alike, this truly is an essential book to add to your collection.  Young and old, it’s a light read that provides just enough information for a quiet break.


To find out more about the Cars 2: The Essential Guide, or other books, visit DK’s website here

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