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DVD Release: The Liam Neeson Film Collection

November 22, 2011

On November 1st, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released The Liam Neeson Film Collection on DVD.  The ten-disc set holds nine of the actor’s films, including Peter Donaldson’s The Bounty (1984), the crime drama A Prayer For The Dying (1987), the horror-comedy High Spirits (1988), the WWII-set Shining Through (1992), the psychological drama Nell (1994), the Scottish epic Rob Roy (1995), the excellent biopic Kinsey (2004), Ridley Scott’s 12th century epic Kingdom of Heaven (2005), and the spy thriller Taken (2008).

Although some of these movies are better than others, watching through the discs gives you a good sense of the effortlessness with which Liam Neeson uses to seamlessly transition between drama and action.  For fans of the actor, The Liam Neeson Film Collection would make a great gift.

Bonus features include an extra disc for Kingdom of Heaven.

-John C.

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