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Book Review: The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers

August 2, 2012

Released May 2nd, 2012

Page count: 272 pages

Size: 10.5” x 12”

The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers

Marvel Publishing

Written by Jason Surrell

Book Design by Jeff Powell

Introduction by Ryan Meinerding & Charlie Wen

Cover art by Ryan Meinerding

Distributed in Canada by Hachette Book Group


The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers Book Review By Erin V.

In the introduction for this book, it is briefly mentioned that comic books are a very visual filled storytelling mode, just as movies are – and so it is appropriate to get to see some of the artwork that was behind the scenes in bringing The Avengers from comic to screen.

Featuring character profiles, as well as detailed artwork of the vehicles and sets, this is one of my favourite recent art books for a film.  The keyframes are particularly impressive, and I like the inclusion of brief parts of the script, as well as the comments from various members of the ‘Avengers’ production team on key moments and how they came together for the film.  Because as much as this is an art book, it is also a making-of book, and I really enjoyed how much of that side is included.  There is also a cool timeline outlining all of the films leading up to The Avengers, and how they fit together into the same universe with the little nods each had to each other.

The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers has just the right amount of information, is organized without being overwhelming, and provides plenty of pages of art and stills to look through.  Definitely for fans of The Avengers, this is a book worth having – tons of fun to go through and relive one of the best movies of the summer.


The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers can be found both online and in stores where books are sold.  You can read our theatrical reviews of The Avengers here.  

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