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Book Review: Cars Character Encyclopedia

August 9, 2012

Released July 10th, 2012

Page count: 144 pages

Size: 7.25” x 9.5”

Cars Character Encyclopedia


Published by Dorling Kindersley


Cars Character Encyclopedia Book Review by Erin V.

Here’s a profile of another fun book to pick up this summer.  Released just last month from Dorling Kindersley, is the Cars Character Encyclopedia – a book which is filled with nothing but stats and pics of more than 250 of the Mattel diecast cars.

I enjoyed going through this book for several reasons.  First off, I have several of the diecast cars myself – not a ton though.  So it was fun to go through the book and see a lot that I’ve never seen before, in particular some of the exclusives and race cars that were only seen zipping by in the films.  It also gives the opportunity to have everything laid out and find ones to seek out.  I still would love to get the ‘84 Apple race car, which is profiled on page 58 for example.  Even if you have a lot of the profiled ones though, it is still fun to read a bit of the stats behind that particular car’s character.

The Cars Character Encyclopedia is divided into three main sections – Cars, Cars 2, and Cars Toons –  making it easy to find everything that belonged to that film or short.  The book also comes with an exclusive Lightning McQueen diecast car, as well as a cool double sided poster.  It’s the perfect book for avid collectors.


To find out more about Cars Character Encyclopedia, or other books, visit DK’s website here.  You can also play DK’s Cars quiz here.  

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