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DVD/Blu-ray Release: Stoker

June 18, 2013

Stoker Blu-ray CoverToday, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is releasing Stoker on Blu-ray & DVD.  Left alone with her mother (Nicole Kidman) after the death of her father, India Stoker (Mia Waskowska) meets her mysterious uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) when he comes to stay with them.  Although we get the sense that something isn’t right about this strange relative who suddenly appears, she becomes drawn to him in shocking ways.

The English debut of director Park Chan-wook, Stoker is an insanely well crafted dramatic thriller that maintains a haunting sense of suspense throughout, right up to the disturbingly violent final few scenes that take things full circle.  Although the film certainly won’t be for everyone, this is an incredibly creepy and atmospheric study of psychopathy with excellent performances, and the Blu-ray truly does justice to the striking visuals.

The Blu-ray includes deleted scenes and several “behind the scenes” featurettes as well as footage from the red carpet premiere.

Stoker is 99 minutes and rated 14A.

-John C.

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