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DVD/Blu-ray Release: World War Z

September 17, 2013

World War Z 3D Blu-ray CoverToday, Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing World War Z on Blu-ray & DVD.  A former United Nations investigator, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) lives a quiet life with his family, until humanity is faced with a disease that turns those infected into ravenous zombies.  Racing to save civilization as we know it, he is sent on a dangerous trek around the world to try and find the origins and a potential cure for this mysterious virus.

Although World War Z deviates from the source novel by Max Brooks, the film became a genuine summer box office hit after opening back on June 21st.  Anchored by a solid performance from Brad Pitt, this is a pretty good film from director Marc Forster that provides a fair bit of entertainment value on Blu-ray, while offering some fine zombie thrills throughout the many well staged action sequences.

The Blu-ray includes six behind the scenes featurettes as well as an extended cut.  The film is also available to buy in 3D, which adds to the fun.

World War Z is 115 minutes and rated 14A.  The unrated version runs for 122 minutes.

-John C.

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