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Nomadland is Now Streaming on Disney Plus in Canada

April 9, 2021

By John Corrado

Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland, an awards season frontrunner and TIFF 2020 favourite, is a film that I have been telling people about for months now since I saw it at the festival. But, until now, Canadian audiences haven’t really had a chance to actually watch the film, which was released in theatres and on Hulu in the United States.

Which is why I’m very happy to announce that the Searchlight Pictures film is now available to stream on Disney Plus in Canada, as of today. It’s under the recently added Star sidebar to be precise, where the other more adult movies from the 20th Century Fox merger can be found.

Zhao’s film, which has already won her multiple directing awards and is nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture, is a work of incredible empathy centred around modern day nomads who call the road their home. Frances McDormand, in a powerful, Oscar-nominated performance, stars as Fern, a woman who lives out of her van. She takes a menial jobs in an Amazon warehouse in order to earn some cash, and spends her time driving around the American Midwest.

This is a truly special film. It’s beautifully shot by cinematographer Joshua James Richards, and, in a brilliant bit of casting, features real life nomads in supporting roles. While not being an overtly political film, Nomadland still serves as a powerful portrait of homelessness, the effects of the gig economy on workers, and how so many people were displaced by the 2008 economic crash. It was my second favourite movie of last year (after Pixar’s Soul, also on Disney Plus!), and one that wholeheartedly deserves my fullest recommendation.

For more on the film itself, you can read my 4-star review of Nomadland from TIFF 2020 right here.

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