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Fan Expo 2011: Coverage of “Real Steel”

August 25, 2011

By John C.

Atom of "Real Steel" & Brian Namanny at Fan Expo 2011 - photo by John C.

Fan Expo Canada is now on at the South building of Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre, from today (August 25th) until Sunday (August 28th).  There are many awesome things to see and free swag at the various exhibits, especially those put on by the distributors to advertise their upcoming films.  But those going to the expo for all things comic books, sci-fi and horror should be sure to check out Walt Disney Pictures’ awesome booth which includes three of the robots featured in the upcoming boxing drama, Real Steel.

The folks at Disney were kind enough to invite us to their advanced VIP walk through of the exhibit floor this afternoon, where we were able to get up close and personal with the purple Noisy Boy, hulking Ambush and main robot Atom.  If these impressively built robots are any indication of what we can expect, then the movie opening on October 7th will deliver a lot on the front of cool special effects.  But from what we were promised time and again from the representatives at the event, Real Steel also has a strong human story that nicely complements all of the action.

Brian Namanny of Legacy Effects, who is the mastermind behind the mechanics and hydraulics for the robots, will be on hand throughout the four days to answer your questions on all of the work that went into the creation of the characters.  He seems protective of his creations but equally open to talking about what is easily one of the most visually arresting displays on the exhibit floor.  Please watch my short video interview with Namanny here, where we talk about the robots and what audiences can expect from Real Steel.

If you go to Fan Expo, we would also recommend checking out the booth for Star Wars on Blu-ray, and some of the awesome books available at DK’s table.  Alliance Films also has some cool giveaways including posters and Mocking Jay pins for The Hunger Games, but their area unfortunately wasn’t fully up and running for the majority of the VIP walk through.  After the jump, we have numerous pictures from the Real Steel event, as well as a preview of some of the other super cool things that caught our eye on and around the exhibit floor.  Please get more information on Fan Expo Canada here.  Enjoy!


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