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Book Review: Letters to Young Filmmakers

February 1, 2012

Released February 1st, 2012

Page count: 214 pages

Size: 6” x 9”

Letters to Young Filmmakers: Creativity & Getting Your Films Made

by Howard Suber

Published By Michael Wiese Publications


Letters to Young Filmmakers: Creativity & Getting Your Films Made Review By Erin V.

How do we look at creativity?  At the industry as a whole?  If you’re an outsider, wouldn’t you just love that inside perspective for once – to have a few questions answered?

This series of letters between Howard Suber (professor at UCLA’s film program for 46 years), and former students, answers many universal questions aspiring filmmakers worldwide are regularly asking.  Covering a huge range of industry topics, those starting out in any area of filmmaking will find this one of the most valuable books to read through.  With the segmented ‘letter form’ approach, it is easy and quick to read, in and out of order, in part or as a whole.  This is one of the best film books I’ve recently read.  It’s well worth a look through.


To find out more about Letters to Young Filmmakers, or other books, visit MWP’s website here.  

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