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DVD Review: The Sitter

March 20, 2012

The Sitter – A 20th Century Fox Release

DVD Release Date: March 20th, 2012

Rated PG for coarse language, sexual content and crude content

Running time: 81 minutes

David Gordon Green (dir.)

Brian Gatewood (writer)

Alessandro Tanaka (writer)

Jeff McIlwain (music)

David Wingo (music)

Jonah Hill as Noah Griffith

Max Records as Slater

Landry Bender as Blithe

Kevin Hernandez as Rodrigo

Our reviews below:


The Sitter DVD Review By John C.

**1/2 (out of 4)

Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) is more concerned with what’s happening up in space than he is with taking care of his own life.  But then he’s put in charge of babysitting the anxiety-ridden Slater (Max Records), his adopted brother Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez) and their tacky budding debutante sister, Blithe (Landry Bender).  As soon as the three kids and their “responsible” sitter leave the house, they get entangled in dangerous encounters with a deranged drug dealer, Karl (Sam Rockwell) and take a wild trip through the city that will change all of their lives in unexpected ways.

There are holes in the plot and some of the forays into violence really aren’t funny.  But the film moves forward at a brisk pace of 81 minutes and doesn’t waste any time when it comes to delivering the set pieces, with a couple of well placed quiet moments in between, particularly a nice scene between Noah and Slater.  With just enough laughs to make it mildly worth a look, The Sitter is a raunchy, crude and sometimes disturbed comedy that is generally kept afloat by the comedic talents of Jonah Hill.  Although it won’t be for everyone, fans of the lead actor just might find this a guilty pleasure.

The Blu-ray includes an unrated cut of the film, three featurettes, deleted and extended scenes as well as a gag reel.


The Sitter DVD Review By Erin V.  

**1/2 (out of 4)

When Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) finds himself stuck babysitting his mom’s friend’s three kids, he ends up finding himself in the middle of the wildest night of his life.  After trying to buy drugs for his girlfriend, one of the kids – firework loving Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez) – ends up stealing a trinket from the drug dealer, who quickly ends up on their tail for retaliation.  Meanwhile the other two kids are a handful as well, as Slater (Max Records) is trying to come to terms with who he is, and Blithe (Landry Bender), can’t stop causing trouble for Noah either intentionally or not.

There is no doubt.  Noah is a terrible babysitter.  I mean, come on – he ends up bringing the kids to a drug dealer putting their lives in danger, but at the end of the day, he does care enough about them to try to fix his idiotic mistakes and protect them from harm.  And along the way, he helps them to understand themselves better too.  In fact, a few of the quieter scenes in the film have surprising depth.  The trailer makes it look quite bad, but the film is actually funny while watching it, although not brilliant.  I was surprised that I actually found myself to like this one.


The Sitter DVD Review By Nicole

**1/2 (out of 4)

When I saw the bad reviews coming in for The Sitter, I did not expect much.  But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, as stupid as this film is, it does have a heart.  When Noah (Jonah Hill) decides, as a favour to his mom, to babysit her friend’s kids, he finds them a lot of work.  Slater (Max Records) is 13 and has an anxiety disorder as he is struggling to figure himself out.  Blithe (Landry Bender) is 8 and thinks she is a “celebrity” if she wears garish makeup.  Rodrigo is an adopted boy whose love of firecrackers and acting out is his way of expression his abandonment fears.

Things get really crazy when Noah’s girlfriend (Ari Graynor) promises he can get lucky if he scores her some cocaine.  A wild chase ensues when drug dealer Karl (Sam Rockwell) puts Noah and the kids in danger.  At this point, his paternal instincts have grown and he manages (with the help of his friends) to keep them safe.

What makes The Sitter work is Jonah Hill and his exchange with the kids.  The child actors are also decent, playing well off of him.  The most touching scene involves an exchange between Slater and Noah, in which Noah helps him accept himself for who he is.  However, despite the fact that this film is called The Sitter, this one is not for kids which is evident by the opening sex scene.  But for adults and older teens, this is a fun diversion.  Just don’t put it on as a babysitter.


The Sitter DVD Review By Maureen

** (out of 4)

Babysitting has long been a way for teenagers to earn a little spending money.  It’s a good thing most sitters aren’t like the twenty-something slacker named Noah (Jonah Hill) in The Sitter.  As a favour to his Mom, he reluctantly agrees to babysit three challenging to handle kids so his mother can finally get out and socialize with friends.  Thirteen year old Slater (Max Records) has anxiety attacks, eight year old Blithe (Landry Bender) fancies herself a mini celebrity wearing garish makeup and clothes and adopted child Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez) has a thing for setting off small explosions.

Noah and the three little darlings head out for a night of adventure in the mini-van when Noah agrees to go on a drug run for his sometimes girlfriend (Ari Graynor).  Out on the street they meet up with crazy drug dealer Karl (Sam Rockwell) and other assorted thugs and crazies.  Throughout it all, Noah starts to care for the kids and vice-versa.

There’s a lot of stupid and violent misadventure in The Sitter.  There’s also a fair amount of humour and heart, particularly in one scene between Noah and Slater.  Decent performances from Jonah Hill, Max Records and Sam Rockwell are what make The Sitter moderately entertaining.  Jonah Hill fans who missed this one in theatres may want to check it out on DVD.  Just don’t use it as a TV babysitter for the kids.


The Sitter DVD Review By Tony

**1/2 (out of 4)

The Sitter is Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill), a slacker living with his mother since his deadbeat jeweller dad left. When a neighbour couple is going out to a swanky affair and their usual babysitter (Noah’s mom), hoping to get lucky with a doctor, is also invited, Noah reluctantly agrees to watch their three kids. Sensitive 13 year old Slater (Max Records) is under serious therapy. Blithe (Landry Bender) is an 8 year old celebrity wannabe. Adopted Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez) is a demolition expert. The nightmare barely begins when Noah gets a call from party girl Marisa (Ari Graynor), promising to reciprocate on service audibly rendered under the opening credits. All Noah has to do is drive into Brooklyn, making a pickup along the way from “Candy Man” Karl (Sam Rockwell).

What follows is a nonstop fun ride that makes Date Night look tame by comparison, especially with kids in the middle of it all, giving as good as they get. The trailer for this film was not appealing at all, promising only dumb gross-out gags. However, in just 81 minutes, director David Gordon Green has managed to mix a lot of wit and emotion with the raunchy action, not least due to a brilliant well-supported performance by Jonah Hill, making The Sitter a true guilty pleasure.


Consensus: Although some of the more deranged humour in The Sitter isn’t that funny, the film is kept afloat by the fine leading work of Jonah Hill and has just enough laughs as well as a few quiet scenes to make it mildly worth a look.  **1/2 (Out of 4)

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