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Book Review – Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Shooting Diary

December 30, 2012

519VAlx2feL._SY340_Released December 20th, 2011

Page count: 208 pages

Size: 9.5” x 7.25”

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Shooting Diary

By David James

Foreword by Tom Cruise

Published by Insight Editions

Over the next month we will be profiling a few more books that you might want to check out – especially if you have some Christmas gift cards to spend!  


Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Shooting Diary Book Review By Erin V.

The book is a collection of photographs (each with brief notes on them) taken by unit photograph David James, who did the stills photography for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

For those who aren’t aware, still photography is used on film sets to capture high-quality still images that will be used in advertising and in press kits for the film.  Depending on the type of scene, they may be taken during filming although are sometimes taken right after with the actors assuming the same positions for the still camera as they just filmed.

As James followed the rest of the film crew around, he got images in L.A., Prague, Dubai, and Vancouver – the locations used in the film.  Some look like they are right from the film, although many more are behind-the-scenes shots.  All are interesting, and his notes on the side provide a nice brief look at the filmmaking process and challenges, as well as the timeline of the film’s production.  Each photo’s description includes the date and time stamp for the photo which gives further insight as well.

The book has just the right balance between photography and text though, allowing the photos to really shine here.  It is a light and fun book to go through – and a great gift for Mission: Impossible, photography, and film fans alike.  I’d highly recommend this one.


To find out more about Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Shooting Diary, or other books, visit Insight Editions website here.  You can read our full movie reviews of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol here.

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