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DVD Release: My Awkward Sexual Adventure

August 6, 2013

My Awkward Sexual Adventure DVD CoverBack on July 9th, Phase 4 Films released the Canadian comedy My Awkward Sexual Adventure on DVD.  Jordan Abrams (Jonas Chernick) is bad in bed and his shallow girlfriend Rachel (Sarah Manninen) dumps him because she usually falls asleep during their “gentle time.”  So he takes a trip to Toronto and has a chance encounter with Julia (Emily Hampshire), a stripper who agrees to be his “Sex Yoda” if he helps get her finances back in order.

I first saw this one during TIFF last year, and the film is worth checking out before discovering more small gems at the upcoming festival.  With a sharp and witty screenplay by Jonas Chernick and strong direction from Sean Garrity, My Awkward Sexual Adventure is as sweet as it is raunchy and has some surprisingly insightful things to say about the importance of having a balanced relationship.  Please read my full thoughts on the film right here.

The DVD includes a short “making of” featurette.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure is 103 minutes and rated 18A.

-John C.

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